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Specializing in Foreign and Domestic Gas and Diesel Auto Repair Shop in Rockwall, TX

Are you experiencing issues with your vehicle? Do you want to find an automotive shop to perform vehicle upkeep and maintenance? If so, Special D Automotive in Rockwall is your go-to source for all your auto repair needs.

Oil Change

One of the most recurring and frequent vehicle maintenance services is an oil change. To keep your engine running at peak performance, you must change your oil regularly.


It is essential to have a tire alignment performed routinely. This will help extend the life of your tires and provide for a smooth suspension operation.


Do you hear a loud screeching noise as you apply pressure to the brakes? This can be a sign of failing brakes that need to be changed. Losing power to your brakes can be life-threatening, call today!



Your vehicle's suspension directly affects the smoothness of the ride. Properly maintaining your suspension will keep the vehicle driving excellent and help prevent further repairs.


No one wants to hear and feel their vehicle's transmission beginning to fail. Being such a critical part of your vehicle, these repairs can become costly, but if not handled promptly could lead to further issues.

Computer Diagnostics

Take the guesswork out of diagnosing your vehicle's problems. With our Computer Diagnostics, your vehicle will be thoroughly inspected by a mechanic to identify system and component issues.

General/Major Repairs

There is nothing worse, then learning your vehicle has a significant problem that needs to be repaired. The unknown is frightening which is why at Special D Automotive we always put the customer first!

Electrical & A/C

Are you having issues with your vehicles electrical system or A/C? Don't wait any longer, bring your vehicle by today for a thorough inspection and repair of the problem. When experience matters, call us now!

Transparent. Reliable. Honest.

The vehicle is one of the most essential necessasites that a person owns. When your vehicle breaks-down or needs service you expect the mechanic to be trustworthy and knowledgable. Our happy customers and long history within the community speak to the core of our business. When you need an auto repair shop in Rockwall, Texas, choose Special D Automotive!

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